Live Chat


I know there is already a messing service in the game, but it can be quite unresponsive in reply time. My suggestion is to add a live chat so players can communicate with each other more easily so could go online and discuss anything with ease. It may work better for alliances but any airlines working together or trying to broker a sale of an aircraft this might be a bit more efficient.

Just an idea that's all.


How about the discord server linked on the general forum board. Although amount of people there as of now is quite limited.

I am not installing yet another app to chat, same way as I am not going to install Busker to listen to Cranky’s Wednesday’s chat about the new United Airlines’ Premium Economy.

Use WhatsApp groups or Slack or Telegram or Viber and more people would join, for sure.

discord is just a webapp which no software installation is needed to join… and I don’t use Telegram or Viber myself, whatsapp group involve telephone number and slack seems to be used by even fewer people than discord so.

edit: fixed a broken sentence that completely changed the meaning of the reply

IRC would still be a great solution. Every server + alliance could have their own chat channel etc.

there was an IRC channel but it was discontinued due to low demand....

IRC is a dead technology, at least to a modern audience. If we ever get a live chat solution again, it will either be integrated directly into the game or a low-barriers solution from an external provider, favorably one that does not require the installation of a client, like Discord.