Live Map (Operations)

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First off, hope you’re doing well and staying safe!

I was wondering if it is possible to add a live map, it would just add that extra kick I’m looking for. I’ve seen some links to e.g. or AS Live Map but the links seem broken? Perhaps it could be built-in for once and for all!

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As route map is working perfectly for me.

AS route map does work fine.

The only bug I found is this: The map plots your aircraft according to the schedule, not the actual flight plan (e.g. if you change your schedule and activate with 3 days advance, your aircraft will still flight the old schedule for 3 days but the map actually takes the new schedule as real-time).

How does one get their airline to show up though? 3 days later I still can’t see my airline’s route map (FlyMauritius) in the Bleriot world.

You have to create the company in AS route. There is a how to tutorial available.