Load factors per hub.


Maybe there is already a way to check. But I operate out of different hubs in my country and going through every aircraft will take time and I'm sure with the really big players in airlinesim it will take forever. My idea or if there's a solution look at load factors from different destinations.

As I already have my hub, but have other flights going to different destinations from other airports and it would be great if i could see the load factors overview like i can already from the 'stations' tab. 

Maybe I'm being stupid and can't figure out how to!



You have already mentioned the tab: go to the stations overview, click the white arrow on the right side and you will see all connections from that particular station (to and from that hub). Go back to the stations overview page and choose your next hub.

Or did I understand you wrong? Are you looking for something else?

EDIT: go to YOUR stations overview page and not to the airport information page. This was perhaps missleading.

If I understand correctly, you're asking about a way to check the load of all routes from different airports?

For instance, if you have different hubs at ATL, ORD, BOS, MIA, and all of them are connected to hundreds of different European destinations.

If you check the station list, then you can see the load factor of each of those hubs and load factor of each of those European destinations.

But when you add a new hub and dozens of lines to the hub, let say IAD, the only way to tell the load factor of those new routes is to clicking those new routes one by one, as the station view only give you a overall summary of all the routes you have linked to the particular airport

Therefore it would be good to have a way to see the load factors of all routes connecting to the same airport in the airport's page, instead of clicking them one by one in inventory page

As an example it could be a tab that look like this in an airport's page:



 [th]IAD load factor[/th]





 [th]available seat[/th]

 [th]load factor[/th]






















You can go to Load Control, copy and paste the info into Excel, sort by hub, and voila... you have the info. Requires some basic Excel knowledge, but easy.

Ah, just find that  you can check it in station's page. click 4th tab in any of your station