Loan Criteria

Hi all My first post and I am a happy CEO posting my first profits. This is my second attempt at having a go at airlinesim, and I was determined to make it work this time. After a month and 3 failed starts, lets call them experiments, finally think I have figured this game out and on my way to 20-30% profits on every route. What a good feeling it is. Thanks to a major airline closing up shop though and leaving a massive void with heaps of people wanting to get on my planes is great.

But my question is just what do you have to do to get a loan. I have a AAA rating for everything now but my profitable airline has not been trading for a full week yet though. Is there a set period you have to have a AAA rating before the AS bank will lend some AS$. As I am keen to expand and get some more planes in the sky. Now that I have found my "niche" in the market place.

I have read the wiki in depth and the airlines for dummies but haven’t managed to find an answer to this. So don’t bite my head off!!!:rolleyes:

P.S. Great game, loving it.

Simple answer: you need assets. Be that aircraft, buildings or cabin configurations. Since you just started, you’re unlikely to have much of that, probably just the cabins you installed in your aircraft. For that reason, AS doesn’t offer you loans just yet, because there aren’t enough securities available to base the loan on.

Thanks TimS for the quick response. I thought it might have had something to do with it, but on the home page it has the interest rates for loans with securities and interest rates for loans without securities. I am no economist but I would have thought assets are a security.

So is it fair to assume that loans without securities aren’t actually offered in Airlinesim.

I guess a second part of my question is what is the difference between those 2 interest rates. if they are both used in Airlinesim :wacko:

i think they dont know the differences themselve - i have a really profitable airline, and enough securites, planes, terminals etc.

and everytime i only get an offer for the interest rate without securities

so you can say ‘interest without securities’ - you get it, when you have securities

‘interest with securities’ is a fairy tale

but for you, there is only one way to get new money, start an IPO

IIRC only buy of new plane on loan qualifies as "loan with securities", the rest goes

as unsecured loan.

oh yeah, that’s right

when i order a new plane they offer me the lower interest

what stupid