Loan Requirements?

In the past it was pretty strait forward what the requirements were to secure a loan. Now that they’ve changed I haven’t heard anything. What are the requirements now? ;)

You realize i started that thread?! LOL

While I understand that the loans are harder to get there has yet to be any detailed explanation of what the requirements are to secure them. Are the loans looking at what assets you have, IE planes/terminals/et al, or more at stability of business (AAA rating and income) to determine how much you can be loaned?

is that the loan requirement changed effective from today in idelwild?

with 30m+ profit each week and AAA rating, it is impossible to have a new load today

It’s discussed a hundred times but to make a simple example:

My airline "A" is worth around 830m AS$.

Planes bought and "flight equipment" of leased planes are worth 665m AS$.

I get an 100m AS$ loan for 1.0% while I already have an older loan for 100m AS$ now shrinked to 80m AS$ (0.5%).

70m AS$ revenue / 10m AS$ profit.

My airline "B" is worth 555m AS$.

Planes bought (non) and "flight equipment" of leased planes are worth 20m AS$.

I get an 3m AS$ loan for 1.3%.


[/i]approx. 150m AS$+ revenue / 40m AS$+ profit.



Before patch: Airline A [Rating: AAA (would say AA+)] got just an 100m AS$ loan for 1.2% (at a higher sum the change takes more time though, it’s much…) and Airline B (AAA) got a 7m AS$ loan for 1.5%.

Easy to see how the new loan system works. :)

Not really but I thank you for trying



I understood that part lol.

Still doesn’t seem like it does much for you.

If you are worth $15million.

$5million worth in planes

$3million a week profit.

How much should you be able to loan for?

It looks like an airline needs 10 million in flight equipment equity before loans are available, and if I remember right that will give you about a 1 million loan.

Seems to be the case, I just built a 3million terminal extension with my holding and now its worth 11million I suddenly have access to around a million in loans. Annoying that my successful, profitable enterprises aren’t eligible because they don’t have sufficient assets :-/