OK, I own buildings have had a set flow of income shown, I lease one aircraft. Why is the loan purchase of a new aircraft still not available? The aircraft you are buying should be the collateral for the loan, as it is in the real world.

Well, i own 2 aircraft valued at around ~4.5 million each and i have AAA rating but still cannot get a loan on Meigs.

If two owned aircraft won’t qualify as a collateral then what does qualify ?

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If you lease an aircraft you do not own it. So only your Terminal is considered for a loan application. I startet playing on Idlewild in January and I needed an AAA rating and airplanes, terminals and Seats that need to be in my own posession to get a loan. This was only possible after if i remember correctly after 2 weeks after the start at the earliest. Also if you are playing a little longer we had a situation with a company at the stapleton Server (if I am not mistaken) that found a way that was according to the developers not illegal but it was also not desired. It was announced the this "door" will be closed on the new Server. Therefore we discussed this phenomenon already on the German part of the Forum. It looks like there have been a few modification on how to get a loan on the new Server. So far we have no official statement on what exactly changed only that we should be patient and it will take a short time and a profitable airline to ask for a loan. You still need a AAA Rating, own Aircrafts and or Terminals to get a bigger loan.



Yes, i know leasing is not owning, however the aircraft you are getting a loan for is owning and can be used as collateral. The way this is set up is not realistic to real world business. That is all I am saying.


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If you build a Terminal for lets say 5mio and leased a plane for 3 mio you will get a loan based on the Value of the Terminal so for a security of 5 mio. The leased Airplane belongs to somebody else and I doubt that in Real life you will get a loan for that :huh: . Think about it … you have 2 properties … one worth 5 mio and the other one 3 mio with a mortage on it. No Bank will give you now a new loan worth 8 mio if your only security is worth only 5 or?



I have a AAA rating along with a nice pile of cash and over 10 million in assets. I was abl to get a 100k loan :confused:

Like I sad not realistic to real world. I never said I wanted to use my leased aircraft for collateral. I want to use the plane the loan is for as the collateral like it is in the real world.

Honestly I don´t know in what kind of world you are living in … Just for my understanding … You want to buy a new aircraft and for that you need a loan. And you want to take the new Aircraft as the security or collateral for that loan? Or to stick to my old Example … you want to buy a property and for that you will need a loan… and you want to make that new Property the colleteral of the loan?

You want to build your dream House and it will cost you 10 mio.Now the bank will give you the loan of 10mio and take the new House as its security? And for the new House you will need to spend lets say 150000 a month for the loan… but wait a minute … you are only getting a monthly income of 10000… . The reality is that a bank will look on what assets you have right now. What income you have right now. And if you have a business how much Profit you made over the last month/Years. Based on that Information the Bank will give you a loan.

If that would be possible in the real world we would have a much bigger financial Crisis ahead of us … May I ask from which country you are? Or in which country that should be possible ?



I think in Greece it is possible