Hi all,

Does anyone know how to get a loan on AS?  We are AAA rated and have been since start-up, however 'the lender does not consider a loan appropriate at this time'.

Any ideas why and how to go about getting one?  For us, a loan would speed up the process of leasing aircraft.

Thanks a lot


I think to get a loan you have to have some securities, i.e. you have to buy (not lease) some airplanes. I am not sure if buildings also count as security. So as an operator of an all-leased fleet you propably wont get a loan.

Buildings and owned aircraft generally count as securities. I would highly recommend not taking a loan unless you overspend just before W/E closing as rates are never really worth it.



Thanks both for your replies.  I'm not that new here, but have just got going with an airline which is working so wondered what the loan situation was,.  Will probably hold off until it is more advanced.

Thanks again.