Logo Design

Hello Everyone,

Ok here goes, I'm not very good at making logos for my enterprise ( I tried then failed). Can anyone here make a logo for me my

company is Omarian Airways (don't judge the name). I would like it to be sort of a global, around the world theme.


~Omarian Airways

Hey, made this up. Nothing to fancy, hope you like it.



I really like it! Thank You!

~Omarian Airways

I suck at logos, anyone give me an idea of what software to use?  Can anyone make a simple logo for CHIRICAHUA AIRWAYS based in Tucson??  


Hey, I can help please maybe give me some more info e.g colours, type of logo I'm guessing something to do with Chiricahua.


I suck at making logos too... Can you help me please?

The name of the airline is Europe Air. I'm thinking of something blue and with a European theme or something.

Don't have specific wishes! Thank you very much!!!

This all right?

Hey, made this up. Nothing to fancy, hope you like it.

Hi, I suck at making logos and I even resorted to online makers :(

If you have spare time, could you make a logo for my airline Aviolinea, it is an Italian airline by the way.

I'd like the colors of the Italian flag on the logo, other than that I have no specific requests.