Logo Poll

If you could also add a rating out of ten on this thread and who made your logo for u .

Just a friendly competion :)

I will ask him to make me a logo and I shall cast my vote (its the only fair way to vote!)

edit: cant find his thread :confused:

On this one

Look up his username in the search under members.

Or go to the Stapleton server board, the thread I believe is right there… ;)

Hi Tanay!

Why you startet this voting?

I dont want a competition between us!:(

If you want we can work together like “interlining”!:lol:

My right name is Ryanairpilot95!

Or you can just merge your threads into one and work together. Would make life easier for everyone I think…

Absolutely right!

I can make liveries

ok then, can the admin please delete this thread