I had now trying to upload my logo two times!! - some admins reject my logo, but not telling me why?!

My logo is an png. and have the dim. 123x20 - so what is the problem?!

Could someone, and maybe an admin tell me why my logo is not accepted?

Thank you.


(Scandic Airways - server: Stapleton)

That image you have there is 300x100. That's large logo size, not small logo.

Yep - bacuase its just an exsample, not the one some admins have rejected!

I did only upload my logo, so everyone could see it, and maybe would give me some feedback for why they are rejecting it !!

  • but still no feedback!


Maybe it is a problem with the resized small logo?

Maybe upload a copy of the logo you submitted and got rejected, that would probably be more useful and you would probably get more feedback

I can do that... but what is the diffrence between the large and the mini logo, besides from the size??!

Anyway - Its a Little bit anoying not telling what to do, to get it right and get it accepted!!

(right now i can see in options, that the dimension is 120x20??!!)


I have to post a SS for my logo, and what it is telling me on my own pc......

On my PC its telling me the right dimension, but when  see in options for my logo on this thread, it dimension 120x20 !!??

How could that be??

Well, now I can tell you, why I would reject this logo: It is not readable ... You can "guess" Scandic Airways but the written below is not readable anymore.

Really??? - are you serious???

So this is ok?...... I really dont see the diffrence......

Really??? - are you serious???

Just...keep calm. Believe me, wont be the last time a great logo gets rejected for that reason -_-  But in the end its true, whats the value of a logo where the text is so small that you can barely read it, right? I know it sucks if the effort of making the logo doesn´t pay off, but if the moderators decide its too small, its too small. Thats how it is ;) But you can also use this as a chance to develop two different logos. I mean its more interesting to have two different logos, right? Here is how I did it:

The big one looks like this:



And this is the small one:



See, they both have the same style yet they offer two different messages. Actually I personally like that better than having the big logo simply re-sized. But thats just my 2 cents ;)

Oh and yes, between Edhabi and your logo is a difference, because you cann still read the "airways". The easiest way to get your logo to pass would be to simply remove "...enjoy flying!" line. After that it should pass without any problems.