Looking for an Opinion

I’m running a cargo airline in a hub/spoke configuration. As of now my aircraft fly continuously for 18-19 hours and then sit for a period of 5-6 hours.

I’m currently using Amethyst for maintenance (average/average/average) But i’m looking to save some money by using a cheaper provider that will still keep my aircraft flying In reasonable condition (hopefully 75-80%+).

My question is: Do you think I can get away with moving to Maintenance Aeronautique Solaire? Essentially cheaper, better quality (good) but Lousy efficiency. To break down the question further, is the 5-6 hour block at the end of each day enough for me to get my aircraft condition back to its maximum every day, or at least stabilize it high enough? My maintenance ratio for entire fleet is between 180% and 220% currently.

PLEASE do not link to the wiki, I completely understand how maintenance works I just dont have the experience to know if this will work since there is no exact formulae available. I cannot afford to experiment with this at the moment, as my margins are such any errors may result in the airline failing.

switching from average efficiency to lousy...i don't think so but you could end up with border-line 100% anyway.

i honestly dont know. i currently use the africans (no, not racist :P ) and my planes get a ratio of a bit over 100% if they fly 4 return trips (i.e. 8 flights) with 4 hours of maintenance time. i dont know if that helps but you might be able to extrapolate something from here?

That does help a bit, thank you calvin. It gives me some data for future reference if nothing else =)

I think I’ll end up switching to “Higher and Wire” (Average/Good/Poor) as an intermediary step to see if that works, just to be safe. Then down to Aeronatique if it does. I was hoping someone had gone through this already and could shed some light, so I could save two weeks of time/money.

Any last minute help before I switch maint tommorow would be appreciated.

I am using Africans as well.