Looking for interested investor - terminals in Raleigh-Durham

Dear CEOs.

I started a new airline in Devau recently (three weeks). Hub is Raleigh-Durham in the US .The name of the airline is MSY Express. Now I am looking for a longterm contract with an interested investor, who is willing to build terminals (passenger and freight) in Raleigh-Durham (five-star with jetways for passengers). I guess, it needs at least one year to build the needed terminals by myself (probably much more, if the airline is growing as planned). Is someone out there, who is willing to start such a project with me?

The basics:

Todays capacity need is some 22.000 passengers and some 2000 freight. These numbers should increase by some 2000 and 100 respectively per week in the forseeable future. I know that the AS-prices are 11 and 25 respectively. A terminal should, as I know, pay for itself with a rent of minus 30 percent off these numbers. To get a good price for both parties we should meet between 9 and 10 for passengers. For freight between 20 and 22. Those numbers are my understandig. If you think different, please feel free to offer what you think is possible.

I would appreciate if interested investors give me a call ;)




what do you need? Terminal size 100k or more?



Hi nine7.

In a first step 50k would be great. This should cover todays needs plus the growth of the next couple of weeks.



Okay, no problem.

EDIT: Finished tomorrow

Very cool - thanx, nine7!