Lost stock

Just wanted to be clear on this. If you have invested in a company and they go bankrupt, will you get paid back what you paid for the shares? or have you just lost the money?

As in real life, stock exchange is a gamble in the game as well. If a Company goes bankcrupt then it has to pay money for  flight cancellatons, Salaries for laid off staff and leasing costs for the Airplanes ..... if then money is still available it  will be payed out according to the amount you hold with your shares in the company .... so you might get money out ... or you will get nothing ....

Please note that if a company is listed (as the company is that you have brought shares in) the main shareholder cannot liquidate the company

Right, so with that impossible, I'll just wait for the company to go bankrupt.

Could anyone play the violin tune that was played by the crew when the "titanic" was sinking?  ;)

But you can send a mail to the support - we may help you liquidating the airline.

The airline is Air Barcelona, on Devau

Now this was completly not my fault, the previous owner (who I will not publicy name) leased 6 extra boeings, using up nearly all the cash. He cancelled all the interlining agreements, On top of that, there is 538 Pilots who need to be laid off, 538! I don't know why someone would do this, but now I'm being left with the airline, which, if it weren't for the last-minute actions purposefully done from the previous owner, would be stable and profitable.

Do some research before you buy shares of an airline.  ;)


In the future: sending a mail to the support is the better way! If you would have had an economical advantage the way you solved it, you are close to a case to be opened at the user advisory board which may result into a penalty fee up to the deletion of your account.

Hi Sascha,

SovietSplicer didn't do it. He did not even know about it... I created a holding on Devau, bought the shares and then deleted the holding.

And SovietSplicer was right, the previous owner of the airline hired more than 500 pilots before he sold the shares. Five hundred pilots for an airline that operated a handfull of 737's.  Laying off these pilots would have costed more than the shares I bought.

Air Barcelona was doomed. The previous owner nosedived the airline on purpose and then sold the shares.


But that's another reason to contact the support ;)

I know Sascha... I have been a naughty boy.

But I won't do it again (fingers crossed behind my back  ;-)