"lounge seating" on Southwests 737 (1984)?

Hi there,

i found this picture of an unusual "train-like" seat arrangement on board of a southwest 737 in 1984:


Does anyone knows more about it or about southwests expercience with it?



I don´t have personal experience with this particular arrangement but as far as I am know, a number of airlines operated their planes with such an arrangement. Piedmont Boeing 737s come into my mind as wells as some DC-9/BAC One-Eleven-operators.

I suppose it was even more common back in the "golden age."


these days they count every single inch, and an extra seat is an extra seat.

On the other hand, the seats on the picture are set against a bulkhead. So in this case the arrangement on the photo is not such a waste of space  ;-)


Gosh... it would be awkward.. -_-

IIRC some regulations of the FAA changed over the years too? I remember that the FAA requested a better view for the flight attendants of the entire Boeing 737-cabin while sitting in their jumpseats and the bulkhead was described as a problem. Btw Muse Air and PSA also offered such a seating aboard their MD-80s.


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I would't like those seats. You don't have a table and if you are unlucky you have to sit next to people you don't like for over 2 hours.

The DH3s operating under the Air Canada Express banner still have them, but a DH3 is far from being a 737. In fact, I think the DH3s were last refurbished back in the 80s. Way back when, it was great, but I was six at the time, so legroom wasn’t an issue.

The DH3s operating under the Air Canada Express banner still have them...

Many ATRs also have at least a row with two seats opposite the regular forward-facing seats. These seats were or are mostly positioned near an emergency exit IIRC and allow plenty of room as an escape path in case of an evacuation.