Low cost vs. Full Service?

Which seems to have more popularity and higher growth rates?

They both have their advantages and disadvantages. There's real no "beat the system" type of strategy. You can go low cost-low service, you can go high cost-full service, or anywhere between. That's the fun about true strategy games. There's no one strategy that works best.


in theory they are equally popular. AS passengers don't care about money... they look at the value for money.

That means a small seat gets a lower rating than a big seat. You can equip your plane with more small seats, but you have to lower the price accordingly if you want to obtain the same rating. The same goes for on-board service. The makers of the game have balanced this out, to avoid that everybody would use the same small or big seats.

The best way to grow fast, is finding a few routes with high passenger demand. Such routes allow you to set your prices higher, and still get fully booked planes.


Low cost vs. Full Service?

IMO it is currently not possible to simulate a LCC.  Minimizing inflight-services and using a 189-seat 737-800 would be only a vague copy of Ryanair :ph34r: .

I assumed that as a new airline there would be no point in having Business Class, but I've found since I've retrofitted with a Business Class cabin it is always packed and has turned marginal routes into reliably profitable. Turns out in this world, you can pack out a business class cabin on a 45 minute regional jet flight at 2am! If I were starting from scratch- which hopefully I won't have to do again for a long time- I would start with a strong Business product.

Since interlining and transfers are rarely in the true LCC model, I think it might be incredible tough to run a 'genuine' LCC in this sim.

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