Loyalty programme

All decent airlines in the real world have a loyalty programme, some better and some not that good. Never the less, it adds value for the passengers. AS should have the possibility to have loyalty programmes for us.

The player should state how many air miles a passenger earns in y,c and f in an gliding scale, i e 0%-1000%. The player should after that state how many seats that shouold be allocated to reward seats. Those should be blocked, i e no earning on those seats.

The more miles the passenger earn the better image and fewer reward seats means lower image. In the end more miles and more reward seats better image, but lower earnings. I think you get the picture.

Another model could be to have a possibility to earn miles and at the end of the week a sum is removed from the earnings as a cost for the programme. As in the previous suggestion state how many miles the passengers should earn in each class and that reflects on the image.

What do you think?

I think this would require new data on frequent travelers and how often do they travel on loyalty programmes. Even then, they would have to include all the benefits that loyalty programmes give and see which one is the most desirable.

Most loyalty programmes also share benefits with alliance members - and this would too be troublesome.

I think it’s a nice idea. But it’ll kill the servers totally, so I won’t expect this to be realized.