maintenance category limits

In the WIKI it states "Bought and leased out planes do not count towards your maintenance category limits." Does this mean that if i own the plane and use it myself i dont have a penalty for the type?


that would be a little bit too easy ;)

every plane you use yourself counts, also if you dont use it, but forget to make a contract for lease or sale

Bought AND leased out.

So as soon as you do not put it up for sale or leasing (setting up a contract), you’re paying for it.

The quickest way to find out about whether you pay or do not is to take a look at your "fleets" screen. Is the plane type in question listed in one of your fleets? If yes, you pay the "penalty".

how is this penalty calculated? I mean if I bought a 4th type of aircraft and then leased it out it would still have been a part of my fleet for a few minutes, so is the maintenance penalty applied to all maintenance that happens during that period (if any) or for the entire hour/day/week??


I believe I read on the old forum that the penalty only comes into effect when that aircraft has a flight schedule. But don’t ask me if the writer belongs to the AS team or is a player who just guessed.

If the penalty is applied, even if the plane is just sitting there, you better hope that the penalty is calculated at week-end closure. Then you just have to make sure there are no idle planes of a 4th type around at the end of the week ;)


As far as I can see, maintenance is calculated on an aircrafts maintenance ratio. To have a maintenance ratio the aircraft has to appear in your fleet list. If you put an aircraft up for sale or lease it will not appear in your fleet list. So it is ignored as far as maintenance costs are concerned. The maintenance cost of an aircraft is calulated daily but as far as the number of types are concerned I don’t know.

As far as I know, this is calculated whenever maintenance takes place. If you had maintenance happening in the time period where you have this 4th type in your fleet, you’d probably have had the penalty apply. But then I’m not sure, I never operated an airline with that many different types… ;)

that is a big problem if you lease to other players, when they go bancrupt or finish playing at all

you never now, when ist happen, and so you have may be one or two days to pay the higher maintaince cost

so it would be a nice feature, if planes that come back on this way would automatically go to leasing again

It is indeed a bit of a problem. But as soon as the plane is put on the market (for sale, lease) it disappears from your fleet list. So even if it takes a few days before someone else leases that plane, you only pay that maintenance penalty for the hours that the plane appeared on your flight list.

I only lease out a few planes, and I operate that type of plane myself, so I have not encountered the problem. If I did lease out planes I don’t use myself, I would perhaps put them in a subsidiary.

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that i know

i have such a subsidiary already, but i have a lot of planes leased out for month now

i dont want cancel any contract only for i can transfer the plane, they are good customers

I agree. That would not be fair towards your customers.


As far as I know, this has been the case since forever… Nothing new really…

I think the problem isn’t all that big, by the way. So you may have a day or two where your maintenance payment is 15% higher. If that kills your airline, then something else is wrong…

sure that will not kill me

but there are so many things were my money is stolen

everytime here 100K and there 100K, and quickly there is one million

and only because it was so since world war II, does that mean that it couldnt be changed

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