Maintenance problem

I got a problem with my plane on Singapore in Yeager (MD11, WUH-SIN). It degraded to 49%, and now just sits there skipping the flights, and is not getting repaired. Normally I expect the maintenance to kick in, and latest after a few hours, when the next rotation is coming, that the plane would be fit to fly, now its already 4th flight in a row cancelled.

I asked my dad, who is also playing, and he has the same problem, interestingly also in Singapore! He obtained a used 767 which was at 47% for his route to SIN (ATH-SIN), transferred it there, it sat there for 3 days before scheduled flight - and it got cancelled, also for 3rd time already.

Both my and my dad’s planes both have positive maintenance ratios, mine is 103% and dad’s 162%.

And yes, my another airline which is in US also had an MD11 skip a flight yesterday (Nashville-Detroit), but for the next rotation a few hours later (arrived 8:00, skipped the outbound at 9:20 and return flight, departed successfully on 15:20), the plane was adequately repaired to resume service.

Do you have the money to pay for maintenance?

Do you have everyday a timeslot for maintance or not?

Maybe you can make a screenshot at provide for help?

Hi, I normally try to have at least 100k AS$, but cant say for sure, leased a plane before going to sleep, and not sure how much was there on the account.
I have slots for maintenance twice a week, in the night Sun-Mon and in Wed-Thursday. Wuhan-Singapore rotation aligned to hub times takes around 11.5 hours, 2 rotations a day, except 2 days skipping morning rotation to have 12 hours of servicing. I operate many planes with similar time plans since 2012 or so, it causes cancellations only extremely rare, and if, then it it misses one pair. So was surprised with 3 pairs missed.

Interestingly, it started to fly the next rotation now, back to 100%. Looks like it took quite a lot of money to fix it, maybe not available on old attempts… Maintenance of B-0292 (132623 maintenance ratio) 879,438 AS$ D, normally daily maintenance takes around 20000 AS$!

Uhm, yeah, about the costs… you’re currently operating a very diverse and very old fleet. That’s not a good combination, as it drives up maintenance costs immensely.

While you can’t do much about the aircraft age if you want to use those cheaply available leasings, you should try to limit the number of maintenance categories you have in your fleet and you could halve your maintenance costs that way.
If I counted correctly, you currently have 13 maintenance categories in your fleet - 3 of those are “free”, but the other 10 give you added cost of 150% (15 percentage points per category). So I’d suggest to get rid of those aircraft types or maintenance categories that have little use to your fleet, as you only operate few aircraft of those - I think you have 7 maintenance categories with only a single aircraft each, so you could reduce the added maintenance cost by up to 105 percentage points. Possibly get rid of one more category and you’ve halved your maintenance costs.

Your overal maintance rate can be above 100 % in overview, but if you fligh 3 days without maintance your aircraft may not be ready fly.

I know that I have a diverse fleet now, the game world is new, and I am getting whatever I can (based on calculation like this: I need a 90-100 seated regio, I got 700k AS$. What do we have on the market right now, aha, an158, CRJ1000, SSJ or E190? Cheapest one right now wins.), I know well about the maintenance categories. When I start getting 10-15mln/day, usually after 4-5 weeks in game, I usually unify my fleet by replacing to a “standard” range of 3 types (regiojet/narrowbody/widebody) and also reduce the age. The approach works well, as my airline is in top 10 statistics, but sometimes even I wonder when something happens unexplained :wink:

But you’re running 13/14 different maintenance categories, so getting to that 10-15 mln/day is going to take a bit longer than 4 weeks I reckon. If you save up a little bit for a plane of the same maintenance category, it will pay off straight away.
To answer your question, I’m guessing you didn’t have enough money at the time to pay for maintenance for your plane, considering the costs of running so many categories.

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This has very easy answer. Your aircraft was (most likely) in a city where the first (and additional) flight did not originate. The aircraft with under 51% maintenance status will not be automatically transferred to the first flight city, you must manually transfer it there. So if you leaves aircraft sitting in city X and you have flights A B A D A for example, the aircraft will sit in X until you manually transfer it to the next flight city.

I just scheduled a route with an aircraft and my maintenance ration is 1300% can someone explain? What I need to adjust

Hi, thanks for reaching out! Maybe this section from our handbook helps? After scheduling the first return flight, it may be that the maintenance ratio goes up, but once you plan more flights, it should go back down to 100% again… Let me know if the issue still occurs though!