Maintenance Ratio - How best to setup for the CJR900 NewGen

So I am trying to create a new schedule for the CJR900 NewGen from Cairo - Luxor. I am not sure which of the following is the best to go with or if anyone can create a more suitable on for me that would be good.

I am trying to set it up to meet my Wave times from Cairo: 05:00, 11:00, 17:00, 23:00.

Turn around time for this CJR900 is 52 mins before it is ready to fly again.

Plan 1
cairo-lux	lux-cairo	
06:45-07:48	08:40-09:43		
12:45-13:48	14:40-15:43	
18:45-19:48	20:40-21:43			
22:45-23:48	02:40-03:43	

Plan 2
cairo-lux lux-cairo
00:45-01:48 02:40-03:43
06:35-07:38 08:40-09:43
10:35-11:38 14:40-15:43
16:35-17:38 18:40-19:43
18:45-19:48 20:40-21:43

Maintenance is a whopping 297.1% for Plan 1 as it has 4x 2hr maintenance blocks and for Plan 2 Maintenance is around 139% with 3 maintenance blocks but it has 5 flights before it does one of the maintenance from 14:40 until it finishes at 21:43.

So is there anyway to improve upon this without missing the 4 wave times and possibly having just 2 maintenance breaks (or is 5 consecutive flights too much?)

Also do we have to pay maintenance cost each time the aircraft goes in for maintenance or is it a fixed daily fee?

You will need to do "little" experiments to see what works better for you. There´s a lot to be learnt at AS, the majority of which you obtain by playing - the longer you play, the bigger your experience/knowledge/skills are.

However, you are still only flying to Hurghada, Sharm el Sheikh and Luxor.

Since you said in an earlier post that Hurghada and Sharm loads are great, but not so good to Luxor. Why don´t you try something like:

Cairo - Alexandria - Cairo - Luxor - Cairo - Alexandria - Cairo - Aswan - Cairo - Alexandria - Cairo - Luxor - Cairo ...... (until your plane reaches 99.999% maintenance).

With this you will see whether you will transport any passengers between Luxor/Aswan and Alexandria (transit in cairo). Becuase you fly with a relative good frequencey to Sharm and Hurghada, it is likely that you will get some connecting passengers as well.

This is just a proposal. You are playing in Otto, beginning of the world, get yourself some experience with fast expansion, and later on start building your hub based on waves. Focus on the money.

As an additional question regarding maintenance, is it better to have several 2 hours blocks of down time or can you have one block of say 6 hours in a 24 hour schedule? If the 3 blocks of 2 hours are better, do they have to be roughly  evenly spaced?

It’s always to have multiple maintenance blocks spaced out evenly. You will maintain higher aircraft condition at all times.

It's always to have multiple maintenance blocks spaced out evenly. You will maintain higher aircraft condition at all times.

Is maintenance charged daily regardless of how many blocks we have per aircraft or are we charged for each maintenance block that we schedule and is it the same cost whether it is 2hr or 5hr block?

You are being charged for the “health points” restored

You are charged after the MX block when the aircraft takes off for the next flight. The charge is based on how much MX was done. How much is done depends on the state and the duration, whereas it always tries to do as much as possible within the given time.

If your aircraft has a state of 50% and a two hour break, it won’t get you back to 100%, so it will improve as much as possible during those two hours. If your aircraft is close to 100%, a two hour break might be good enough to bring it back to 100% and cost only little.

Thank you all for the replies. So let's say I have a 2hr maintenance block, will the maintenance increase the condition per hour or how long does it take to increase by 1%?

Also, if we have an aircraft idle for let's say 1hr, will the condition increase slightly or is there just no benefit in having an aircraft sat idle as opposed to a quick turn around time?

I don’t know how much it improves per hour. It definitely depends on the MX provider you have chosen.

Anything less than 2 hours does nothing to the state of the aircraft. It doesn’t get better, but also not worse. Even if it is 1:59 on the ground, no MX happens.

For most modern aircrafts, one maintanence per day is sufficient. Though to do this, you should choose Helvetic Maintenance as maintenance provider, as the maintanence ratio will decay slower. (Also, they are cheaper than the default since you pay for less maintenance ratio regenerated) In a distant future where you fly intercontinental routes, you can probably get away with no maintanence for 2 days. 

To improve ultilization rate, you should not assign a single route to an aircraft (even though it is certainly simple to manage.) Consider pair it to other routes (maybe SAW? Secondary airports in a city are often underserviced).