Major Nicosia issue

As you can see, Nicosia is either down right now or - in case he’s accesible - has backlog since yesterday evening.

I’m working on a fix right now, details follow as soon as it’s been applied.

As promised, some information on the issue:

What’s the problem?

The past three days, interlining did not work on Nicosia for some reason. Due to this, a lot more flights than usual offered free capacities, thereby increasing the amount of "bookable flights" tremendously. The background job tried to compute the demand distribution for Atlanta yesterday and failed because of the enormous amount of possible travels. It basically took the whole game world down with it, too, and since it was in the late evening, nobody noticed before an hour ago or so.

What has been done about it?

There aren’t many things that can be done in case like this. I picked a rather radical but “positive” one: For all flights booked in, I set the current passenger/cargo load to the maximum capacity, ergo filling all flights that haven’t been started yet with a 100% load. This should also compensate for the losses that came about though the IL-problem. It will probably take some time until the loads will normalize again since the effect will cascade. But I guess there’s worse side-effects than full flights…

Sorry for the whole mishap again! We simply couldn’t foresee a perfect storm like this…

I was wondering why it was that some of my less successful routes had suddenly seen demand soar, looks like a profitable next few days :slight_smile:

Same thing here, my airline benefited a lot from this! :lol:

hahaha …

I was laughing loud by wondering that ALL flights have 100% booking… :D

EDIT: Also wondering about the number of transfer freight e.g. by my cargo airline… it’s like 0 but all flights are full?! :D