Market maker mechanic for aircraft market

maybe a little bit off topic but there really needs to be a market maker mechanic in the game

I accidentally bought some planes by clicking on the wrong button (credit) and am now stuck with them with no working secondary market, despite being fully able to pay back the loan, can’t even remove AC type because of this to save on maintenance

it needs to be better than 10% price for 4 weeks or whatever, much closer to market value maybe 70-80%

there’s no cheating potential there as far as I can think

we need to get rid of this philosophy where if you buy a plane on credit you are stuck with it, leasing giver flexibility which is worth a lot more - it’s not all about pricing

Split this off the financing thread as you already mentioned yourself: Off-topic :slight_smile:

One other thing I would like to see is that prices offered from AS react somehow to the market. That means, in times of high AGEX and high demand, prices for aircraft should be higher, with lower discounts offered.

In times of low demand (or for aircraft types on low demand), AS should offer higher discounts to get those aircraft types leased out as well.