em que versão do airlinesim vai ter a opção marketing

(sorry for answering in english) There is stil nothing planned for the marketing feature.

Is there any particular place where the ideas for the marketing feature are being posted?

I would expect that there would be such things as running poster/tv newspaper and internet advertising campaigns…

How about:

Sponsoring Cabs/Busses/Mass Transit (E.G when a company puts its image all over the side of a cab or tube train)

Sponsorship of sports teams or sports events

Sponsorship of TV shows

Product placement in TV show/Movie (Eg. Virgin in James Bond)

Running a competition (either to win flights or win other prizes-offering companies or TV shows discounted flights as part of a prize)

Running a discount promotion

Offering packages?

Bringing out a credit card

Starting up a rewards programme

Flyer campaigns in major cities

Just a few ideas! Hope that they can get passed on to the game creators…

;x The Marketing Page is in there from 1 to 2 years and NOTHING has been said about…