Well, maybe not quite marketing, but some features that might make the airline more attractive in ORS ratings.

  1. check-in terminals. You pay X AS$ rental to AS for each terminal you install. The option would go under office - ground services tab. As a side-effect, you need fewer check-in agents (see below)

  2. Branded check-in desks. As above, you pay AS rental for each check-in desk.

  3. VIP lounges. ditto, pay AS for each sq feet.

So the difference to existing ground handling is that the facility is offered by AS and not an airline, and it’s not tied to a particular route.

The effect of these comfort features is that all your flights from the airport in question become more attractive in ORS. (I guess logically inbound flights are not affected by check-in terminals or desks)

You’d need to figure out the ratio of rental costs to additional ORS brownie points, but I’m sure AS can figure that out. :rolleyes:

maybe -

  1. online check-in - I’m not sure how to organize that one, maybe a global switch under settings, but then you need additional staff (IT guys) to run the system, and fewer check-in agents. So the IT staff would get more money than the check-in agents, and you have a load of redundant check-in agents to deal with :blush:

But wouldn’t this make personally owned ground equipment completely worthless?

I think, this feature would only make sense, if AS charges high prices for these comfort and reputation enhancers. But if that’s the case, maybe this feature will become as attractive as altering the seat space factor…