Massive Airlines after 1 day

As I recall, all airlines start with 10 million, how have airlines ammased a fleet of 21 narrow body aircraft, such as 737 etc? Can provide examples but I think it is against the rules.

Solved! Was unaware of Used aircraft dynamic!

write a ticket to support and report those airlines in game.
As used planes are available, it is very easy to lease even more than 21 737s.

Hi Matrix787. Please don’t go round reporting airlines in this case. Quimby has lots of used aircraft available from the start and includes all historical models. Many of these are cheap compared to newer models and at 40+ years old, can be picked up for a fraction of their original sale price.

I looked up your airline on the server (Cobal Air?) and noticed you have 4 brand new aircraft. May I recommend a reset and you instead opt for used models if you want to match other airlines with 20+ aircraft using the starting funds.

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Thanks both for your comments, I have not and will not report any airlines. I was personally unfamiliar with the game dynamic of used aircraft. Thanks for all your information and good luck!