Maximum Connections


I was wondering if there is a maximum number of connections. The reason I ask is, because I was thinking of creating a more complex HUB network for a cargo airline.

Would a connection from A to B possible, like below?

A to HUB1 to HUB2 to B

The main idea behind this is to connect small airports to a HUB that is being established for a specific country. Something like:

Small Airport -> Country HUB A -> Main HUB > Country HUB B > Small Airport

The Main HUB would be something like a HUB for the continent.

Let me know if my point is not clear enough


Passenger and Cargo is transfering max. 2 times: A - to Hub 1 - Hub 2 - B is possible, but not more connections. This has technical reasons as each further connection will result in millions or billions of new available travel possiblilty and somewhen the poor webserver will go on vacation...

The current maximum is 3 legs, i.e. 2 connections.

A to HUB1 to HUB2 to B is possible, but the second option (with the main hub) isn't.

EDIT: SK was quicker.

Thanks. So I guess my idea isn't possible.



Any chance that'll be possible in the future? With stronger hardware?

Maybe one day, yes. Who knows what the development will bring.

Even in the real world you can reach normally every airport in the world with two hubs in between.

Well..... I guess that makes my cargo airline strategy completely useless :(.