Meigs aircraft performance

I was looking forward the corrections that apparently were made. But unfortunately it is a complete disspointment. Q400 is still 30% cheaper to operate than AT7 (while in real life ATR is cheaper to operate). A320 family on average in 20% more expensive to operate than 737 while in real life differences are +/- 3 % depending on a mission. A330-200HGW still not there.

I am aswell a little dissapointed. Hopefully these are changed in the future. It will be anoth world dominated by 737-700bgw and dash8 400

They didn’t changed anything in that matter.

EDIT: And it wasn’t named as a feature for the new server.

The announcement said :[color=#1C2837][size=2]Long-awaited new aircraft types including the B787 and B747-8 as well as several adjusted existing models" so I thought they would fix at least the most obvious issues but unfortunately no.[/size][/color]

We did, like the bad performance of the CRJ-100, EMB 170-195 - but that’s another thing. They were getting better. And keeping in mind that we will introduce the changes to the existing game world too, it wouldn’t be wise to make the 737/DH8 worse and to introduce a new complete new aircraft performance system with again changes some month later. So decission was clear not to change anything at these models. But if you take a deeper look - some of these aircrafts are not that good anymore due to the other changes …

Right, the EMBs have a much better performance now. But if you compare Boeing and Airbus, the 700 BGB and 900 BGW / HGW are still the winners. …

at least these are steps in the right direction! can’t wait to launch the 787.

In comparison to the existing gameworlds the performance of the E-jet family improved clearly, that’s a first step into the right direction in the aircraft performance issue. I fully agree, that it makes no sense to implement changes to aircrafts like the 73G or A320 as long as the fully redesigned performance system isn’t completed.

Has the cruise speed been adjusted for the Q400? It should be 650km/h

Is there a time line for the AC to be introduced to the existing servers

No. It seems that it’s still 565 km/h as on the old servers

http://community.air…dpost__p__12244Have a look at this thread:

Great, good to know all the performance data I gave on the Dash 8 has been put to use… Not

To be honest - it doesn’t really makes sense to increase the speed of that bird as it is already pretty good compared to others. So this is one of the things we will be looking at with the new performance system.

But its wrong data and, as such should be fixed. Arguably this is where the difference between choosing the ATR72 and the Q400 should come from. Increasing the speed to its "true in service crusie speed" should theoretically increase operating costs by 20% assuming the data you’ve got is for the Q400 at Long Range cruise power settring. We’d also see a decrease in the aircrafts range as fuel consumption increases and this would mean the aircraft would be less often deployed on missions of 3-4hours. Ultimately we’d see a transition to a more realistic simulation.

Comparing both 737 and EMB-195, they have a very similar performance… The difference of the profit margin on the most routes is 1% better for the 737

I always wondered why it was so much more expensive on Aircraft Type Evaluation.