Meigs and Kaitak down

Seems to be the hardware itself, server is not reachable via any channel. We are looking into this right now.

Reboot had no effect.

Data center has been contacted.

Technicians are checking the machine, but so far the only thing we can do is wait.

Official reply is a failed switch that has now been replaced, so access to the server is restored.

BUT, as you probably figured, the game worlds are still offline. Obviously, there’s some other issue that hasn’t been resolved yet and we are in contact with data center to figure out what it is.

crossing my fingers for this to be resolved quickly =X can’t wait to go online

same here.

I appreciate the prompt status information, thou.

No good news so far: Our own admin will have to take a look at it and he won’t be available before tomorrow (today?) morning.

Sorry guys…nothing we can do right now :(

everybody should have his nighttime-ban ;)

AWWWH man… am just that bit curious… will our credits be deducted as per normal during server downtimes? =/

Please understand that we have different things to worry about now ("now" being 1:37 at night after a full work day) and we will - as always - arrange appropriate compensation when the problem itself is resolved.

On the up side, nicosia seems to be running the best it ever has. Did you find the problem?

Yes - seems so - Nicosia and Croydon are both back on time.

What I am only concerned is that my airline is completing its week by tomorrow morning, and my company needs today’s income to pay staff salary.

So my question is after the server is back, will your guys manually make all companies get profit which should be got during the server is offline?

Otherwise my cash flow will be in trouble, I just purchased a plane to expend the routes yesterday… Today’s profit will just fit the money gap… LOL

yes i share that concern as well >.<

is it possible that the ‘anonymous’ hackers have hit us?

Heh… I’ve got a rapidly-expanding airline on Meigs and a rapidly-declining one on Kaitak and both need super-urgent attention… WHAT were the odds that both those servers went down?

Good luck guys… hope you sort it out quickly… or I’m in BIG trouble.


Aren’t they more interested in … let’s say "more important" pages?! Don’t think they’re so dumb they would ever consider attacking such a "page".

But besides that:

It’s a confirmed hardware issue. If I’m not totally mistaken. ^^

just hope for the best`````

i would say, that everybody stays cool and wait for an update in this thread.

you are not the only one who have an expanding airline at meigs…

… AND a collapsing one at Kaitak