Meigs game world

Just realized it is officially open … happy gaming!

Unfortunately the link button in the airlinesim main page does not work.

didn’t we use to receive the first a/c instantly? for some reason, I have to wait even for the first a/c to be delivered.

Green Airways


I had over 400 credits left!

Edit: Got them back…

There seems to be some remaining problems, I’ve been able to Log In a first time in Meigs but as soon has I Logged Out I wasn’t able to Log in again, everytime I try to Log In Meigs, I always get the MSG that Meigs is actually OffLine. Also when I was in the first time the system told me that I was in TRIAL MODE when I still have some credit left???

The credits are not gone, but it takes little time to take the numbers from the central account management. Just be patient, the credits and the regular member state will appear after some minutes.

Yes I can understand that point… But now every time I try to Log in Meigs I get the MSG that was set up yesterday when it was down… Which is the following, and this has been going on for the last half hour so I can understand a little bit of lagging but this as nothing to do with lagging…

[EN] Meigs game world is offline

this link for detailsA hardware failure on April 17th caused a complete loss of Meigs’ data. Please refer to .

Relaunch is currently slated for April 19th, early afternoon, Central European time. Check the forums for updates.

[DE] Spielwelt Meigs ist offline

hierEin Hardwareausfall am 17. April hat zu einem vollständigen Verlust der Datenbank von Meigs geführt. Weitere Informationen .

Der Neustart ist momentan für den frühen Nachmittag des 19. April angesetzt. Für weitere Infos haltet bitte ein Auge auf das Forum.

Please use

THX for the help, much appriciated… Good work Guys…

Hi there,

About the credits, I’ve been able to set up a holding but had no chance so far in setting up its relative enterprise!! The reason is that it’s considering my account a TRIAL account and urges me to buy more credits even though I still have more than 215 left.

ANy news???