Meigs game world

I know the problem has been resolved but do you have any idea when the meigs gameworld will be online again?

Yup. It would be great if you could let us know a day before it starts again or so.

So if everything is working fine it would mean tomorrow.

I think a big "Thank you to the whole AS-Team" would be o.k. now.

I appreciate the information policy during this incident

oh you’re the one who wished to have a reset, now happy?

Thanks for keeping us informed and to be clear and efficient. Incidents happened and the big challenge is overcome them successfully.

Oh yes…I was the one who pulled the servers electric plug…

Congratulation to the AS tam for the excellent communication regarding this issue!

Yes, thank you, dear AS Team, for the good communication.It is just hard that all the comm means: you have to start again.But, to say it in german english, it’s “half so wild” :D

It would be great if you would let the players know in advance whenthe server will start again; so we all got the same chance to bepresent during the initial phase.I think a newsletter like "Meigs will be online af XX:XX Z time"would be perfect.

Thanks and all the best for the restart.

According to martin in another post Meigs is expected to be online again tomorrow morning.

That was a post which was before the official announcement. It will be reset and that is final!

But I am sorry because I put a lot of Work into my Meigs Airline.

According to this post here repeated by another user here the reset Meigs server “could be” back online tomorrow morning. I think the team is going to do its best to open the gameworld again asap :)

you’ve killed one of the finest companies that was owned by me… I wish I had something to unplug right now…

Think positive. Now you have the chance to do it even better

thank you very much for the good communication, there are a lot of bigger companys in germany and usa how should leard how to ? "… sich eine dicke Scheibe davon abschneiden … " give me a call when you restart, that i can buy alle the nice cheap russian planes^^

Ahhhhh truck! Early afternoon Euro time = middle of the night Australia time. Fingers crossed there were many dead accounts and I dont miss out on a spot!

Oh well. :)

How could it be, that the portal page lists already 206 users on meigs although the server isn´t reachable yet?

the link on the start up page doesn’t work properly.

go here - new meigs server

I did not read the forum but use the ‘working’ link in my bookmarks. So I did not know it should not be reachable…

Maybe they will reset it one more time to give the same chance to everyone and I can start over for the third time :)