Meigs: so few aged planes

Hello everybody,

sorry if the topic was discussed before, I wasn’t skilled enough to find anything on that matter.

My question is simple: have I missed some announced change in game balance,

so we don’t get hundreds of aged birds anymore or was it just a glitch in “world creation scripts”?

Thanks for any ideas or links!

used planes will be distributed by the game in small random numbers every now and then. this is to ensure that people who did not register within the first seconds of the new game world also get a chance to grab some AN-12s or 727s right from the start.

Thanks for fast response, plotz!

Could you, please, clarify one more thing about this matter. From what I see on current server and from what I remember from Meigs

before crash those old planes are popping-up only when there is demand for them(some actual buy), otherwise each model will be sitting

at 4-5 newest frames without any change. Am I correct with my observation or those "undemanded" planes will be generated much later?

a.) The underlying algorhythm stops at 5 planes, so in case these are not bought or leased by the time 5 planes are sitting around, no additional planes enter the market.

b.) Whether a particular plane will be generated at a certain point of time (I think this happens around 20 times a day) is absolutely randomized. There’s a certain chance for it to appear at every cycle, as long as there aren’t already five planes of the same type waiting to be bought.

Hope this helps!

I don’t know if my fact is an answer to your question, but I have just leased a 2.8 y/o Embraer 190 :P

With the chance of being off topic, plotz, I have to ask you something regarding your operations. I was curious to see what your airline looks like, and I saw that you operate NBO - DXB with an E195 and a SU9. After stalking, I entered the data intro the ac type evaluation where I saw that your SU9 has the chance to operate with a profit, whereas the E195, does not (again, this was observed from the ac type evaluation). Do you, and if you do, how do you manage to get profit out of the E195 flight? do you get it out of the cabin configuration?

I’ll just answer the offtopic question here :P .

I am in fact operating with quite a comfortable profit margin. In order to do so, my cabin configuration may be less dense than that of others.

I operate the E95 with a C14 / Y78 cabin and of course charge more than the standard price for each ticket. Actually this involves a (slight) miscalculation, as the plane is only able to reach DXB with 77 eco seats.

In effect, both planes work similarly well, with the SU9 positioned slightly below the E95. I phased the Superjet in to serve routes that are even longer than NBO-DXB, as it is able to serve routes close to 5000kms with a Y10/C69 layout. I can’t really enter the African markets with A321s ;) .

Thanks for clarification, plotz!

Your explanation are helpful, although can’t say I like this change. I understand motives, which led to such change,

but it seems like heavy overreaction to me, with game dis balance consequences. With such change, I feel, most of

“aged” planes user will be penalised heavily. I’ll try to explain what bother me, please don’t take it as offence.

First of all, most important problem of the current system: order of plan generation! At the moment, as far as I can tell,

planes generated from newest to oldest, which brings huge problem for any company, who want to operate type, production

of which ceased "just" 10-15 years ago or currently run. To get to the "cheap" frames of 20+ years old, which is most interesting commodity for

any young developing company, such airline will have to spend few hundred millions(in some cases billions) just to buy

those “nearly new” 10-15 old years frames. I feel a lot of people won’t bother doing so, so this new “feature” will preclude such

wonderful types as 744 and 752 from use, and will limit possible use for a lot of smaller planes.

The rest of the things I’m not happy about are more personal, so take it with grain of salt:


This “random order generation” may be a good thing for someone, but for me it looked not that random at all. Once I get the idea of what’s going on

and when those planes are generated I was able to pitch almost everything I want, as long as I had funds for planes. It looked more like

"stay 24 hours on-line and collect all An-12 you want", which is the thing I heavily despise in any on-line game. I feel that the only type which was

affected with this “few seconds grab” was An-12, because of it’s price and limited availability, so “simple” rebalancing of type seems like much better

solution of this problem to me.

The other thing I’m complain about is lack of information about such change. It may been my miss, but I haven’t seen anything about it before Meigs start,

otherwise I would not bother with starting cargo airline in the first place.


Sorry for such long and complain posting.

However, afaik this is not new to the game - this mechanism existed at least when fornebu and stapleton started. Furthermore, what you are saying, that you think this random thing gives better chances to those being online 24/7. That is one true, but still, this also gives players a chance to get certain aircraft even if they were not there when the server started. In addition to this, the chance to get the plane they want is way bigger with this mechanism.

Buying a 744 or 752 won’t be a problem. In fact, by the time you have earned enough money to afford one, the old ones will be on the market.

Huh? Can’t say about fornebu, it was german-only server back than, but I certainly don’t remember such mechanism from tempelhof and stapleton start. Actually I was on of those, who came shopping for An-12 20 minutes late on stapleton, I’m sure I would remember.

From plotz explanation I get impression than old frames will get to the market only after someone will buy new ones. Maybe not all of them but enough to create “demand” for plane generation script, which is still an awful lot of funds. I would be extremely happy if my understanding of this mechanism is wrong, that’s why I’m asking.

Well, it is not ;). But rest assured we do value your criticism. I’ll pass on your comments!