Merge AS Route Map into AS

It is very sad for me to know that AS Route Map may have to shut down in the coming months. It is a very useful tool, and I believe many players are using it.

If the AS Route Map does shut down, I hope AS development team can take it over and merge the map to AS. It should be fairly simple.

It is not easy to implement it into AS. There is a German thread where Matth explains why.
Donations to pay his bills should make it.

I’m happy to make a donation to keep it going.

Can’t AirlineSim add a few credits each month and reimburse Matthias or add some charge to Private Worlds? I mean the game would be very different without ASRoutemap. If they can not add anything in game?


I think that it should either be pay for use or donations. Forcing people who do not use it to pay for it would not be fair.