I am a newbie and still learning… But I thought I would ask… are mergers possible?

So if you IPO away more than 50% of your shares, can a competitor accumulate greater than 50% of your shares (i.e. own more than you do) and then force you to merge or otherwise sell out?


a competitor can only have more then 50% if YOU sell your shares, after an IPO you have allways 80% of the shares

I understnad that I would have to sell greater than 50% of shares - thus giving me some control of the situation.

Since you would always have your holding/parent company (assumiung that is who would sell the daughter company), they could presumably get paid…

Afterall, airline mergers happen in the real world all the time.

but not here, you always have seperat companies

what you can do is, transfer the flight schedule from one airline to the other and then eliminate one

I’ve also been thinking about this but if they are massive airlines this would take ages and be tedious. I have some rules though:

  1. They MUST be part of the same holding

  2. They MUST belong to the same country

  3. The player will choose a new name

  4. The player will have to insert brand-new flight numbers and a new maintenance provider.

Sounds easy, but isn’t technically. If you want to merge two companies you have to do a lot of manually work and at the moment our development timeline sees some more important issues.