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mgf Flying-brand information page

Today mgf Mönchengladbach Flugreisen (GmbH) took delivery of the last of the nine new Bombardier Q400. The mgf-concept did well since its birth and will expand on more airports in the European Union. Today’s hubs are Dusseldorf International (home), Berlin Tegel, Nuremberg and new Budapest in Hungary. Also many flights starting in Frankfurt Int… Due to the slot situation in DUS we’ll expand to other large German and European cities, e.g. Hamburg, Munich, Hanover, Prague, Paris …

Many thanks to our strong partner MFD Mitteldeutscher Flugdienst - a well-working partnership!

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Ich bin auch gerade dabei eine Homepage für meine Airline zu erstellen!

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mgf Flying-brand information page

mgf made a new record with 18.8m AS$ earning and a net profit of 4.15m AS$ (22%) gone week. 180,000 passengers found there way to travel cheep and fast with us in this week. Some additional Q400 joined the fleet and another hub in Warsaw, Poland is open from 8th August with flights to Hungary, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Czech Republic and Belarus - but major eyeview is on the national market.

mgf Flying-brand information page

The mgf management today announced the very - more than ever expected - successful integration of a new external brand for the extensive demand from the British people in the mgf-network. Royal Britain (PLC & Co. Luftverkehrs KG) was founded near Birmingham, United Kingdom and has leased five Q400 like the mother company mgf. Three "hubs" were already established in Birmingham and Manchester, as well in Dublin, Ireland. The actual mgf growing plan is slowed down by the slot problems in Dusseldorf. More plans for regional carrier as well as a cheap long-haul carrier are exisiting.

The "mgf Flying"-page will be updated with RB in the next week.

A short update on[color="#8b0000"] Royal Britain [/color]



The first week in service ended today.

Already [color="#9acd32"]1,747,000 AS$[/color] earnings were made, a total profit of [color="#9acd32"]818,000 AS$[/color] by end of this first week. Royal Britain will lease three more Q400 till 11th September.

i really like your airline… for local reasons ;)

honestly: good work! Keep it up!

Thanks. Chose MGL as original hub as it is the nearest airport to my home in Germany.

[color="#9acd32"]MGF Monchengladbach Flugreisen [/color]has grown largely in the whole European Union since the last update here (well, more than 6 month ago). The fleet of MGF has grown to a total of 129 planes and the network was extended to 138 destinations to 24[color="#9acd32"] [/color]countries. The latest additions are Faro and Porto in Portugal and two new network stations in Malagá, Andalusia, Spain and Bilbao, Basque County, Spain. While we had in the past mostly just the Q400 we ordered in total 45 ATR 72-600 in Toulouse from which are already 26 delivered and stationed in every country. Still we are a regional feeder flying routes under 1,200km for the major international airlines of Europe such as MFD Mitteldeutscher Flugdienst, Sky 9, Sky Star etc.


The airline mgf Mönchengladbach Flugreisen signed several contracts with some major and minor airports in the European Union today. These contracts ruling the expansion of the commuter airline to domestic and some international destinations. With this contract mgf also ordered 40 new ATR 72-600 in Toulouse out of an old option. 50 ATR 72 will be delivered until 6th July that in total 85 ATR 72-600 will be operated in the summer. The managment of mgf gave a list of airports and possible destinations which could be served initially to journalists.

A shortcut of this:


Brussels Zavantem/National (BRU)


Sofia (SOF) new

Czech Republic

Prague (PRG)


Marseille (MRS)

Toulouse (TLS)


Berlin Tegel (TXL)

Cologne/Bonn (CGN)

Hamburg Fuhlsbüttel (HAM)


Heraklion (HER) new

Rhodos (RHO) new

Thessaloniki (SKG)


Budapest (BUD)


Milan Linate (LIN)


Warsaw (WAW)


Faro (FAO) new

Porto (OPO) new



Portugal - Acores

Funchal (FNC) new

Ponta Delgada (PDL) new




Timisoara (TSR) new




Bratislava (BTS) new


Alicante (ALC) new

Ibiza (IBZ) new

Malagá (AGP)

Menorca (MAH)

Sevilla (SVQ) new

Valencia (VLC)

Spain - Canary Islands

Arrecife (Lanzarote) (ACE) new

Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (LPA) new


Geneva (GVA)

mgf Mönchengladbach Flugreisen today announced a full rebranding of the airline due to the cessation of the business of MFD Mitteldeutscher Flugdienst, our largest partner in Germany and international carrier in DUS. The new mgf will feature new business products and also new - mostly larger - planes to comply with the demand. Six new Airbus A320-200 were taken over from the old MFD and already flying succesfully out of DUS. All Embraer 190 and Q400 were already in the hangars for the new seats. All other planes will follow in the coming weeks. The harsh weeks for all airlines are also effecting mgf resulting in a slow reorganization.

mgf Mönchengladbach Flugreisen continues its growth path and has become an important airline in Central and South Europe. The mgf brand has become well-known for reliable services with good services and good connection times.

With new products such as intercontinental products coming along with the new mgfirst (first class) program to support passengers with high expectations and needs. The new first class is bookable on all Boeing 747-flights which starting mainly at Dusseldorf International Airport (DUS) but also at Berlin Schoenefeld Airport (SXF). From the capital of Germany mgf starts daily to Dubai and New York, and from Dusseldorf to Abuja (twice weekly), Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Cincinnati, Detroit, Dubai, Johannesburg, Khartum, Lagos, Miami, New York JFK/EWR, Toronto and Washington. Many more intercontinentals routes are flown with our Airbus A330 and Airbus A340.

The current longhaul fleet consists of 6 Airbus A330-300, 5 Airbus A340-300(X), 2 Airbus A340-600 and 19 Boeing 747-400 - the good old queen is our flagship. :wub:

The base for the intercontinental expansion builds the expansion in the European market. We leased about 50 Airbus’ of the A320 family and 27 Boeing 737 for a large expansion of the seat contingent. Many leisure routes came into the network along with Scandinavia and a new hub in Berlin. In the history of mgf we never flew routes over 2,000km but we have many routes now going far above this. In the mediumhaul section we got flights from Dusseldorf/Berlin/Brussels/London to the Canary Islands, the Orient and North Africa.

With the new changes a new brand came alive: Sky Espana. It’s the reaction to the demand in our - after Germany - most important market, Spain. The continental airline Sky Espana Nacional flies only Boeing 717 from the major airports in Barcelona, Palma, Alicante and Malaga with some other direct flights, most of them departing from the Canary Islands to several Spanish airports. SEN is a LCC for Spain and Portugal. Sky Espana Atlantico flies with 5 ATR 42 and 5 ATR 72 from the hubs at Tenerife Los Rodeos Airport (TFN), Las Palmas-Gran Canaria Airport (LPA) and Funchal (FNC) fast connections from isle to isle.

Another change was made when we founded mgf Regionalverkehrsgesellschaft which took over most of the supershort flights of the mainline utilizing ATR 72 and CRJ 1000 from Dusseldorf and Cologne.

See you at the next report! :ph34r:

A transformation to success and reliability

The reformed MGF group (HQ: Mönchengladbach, Germany) has gone most of its path to a very reliable Central European airline serving passengers with state-of-the-art service and modern airplanes on a high frequence network offering many seats per day on many routes throughout Europe. Since the airline group was founded many large airports in Europe has been used to be hubs for the airline.

Today the Group signed a deal with Airbus SAS for 120 Airbus A320 family frames. 80 orders (40 Airbus A320, 40 Airbus A321) for MGF Germany and 40 more options for Sky Espana also. An expansion in the United Kingdom, Spain, North Africa and Arabia was named as the reason for the big order.