Minimum price and pricing sliders in inventory

Is there a reason that the sliders in inventory allow you to set prices below the legally allowed minimum price?

I ask because I just realised I've been charging below minimum price for cargo on one of my routes for some time now. It was unintentional and I've subsequently increased the price but it easy to be caught out as there is no reference to the minimum price per unit on the any screen where you can adjust price.

If the sliders can't be adjusted, it would be very helpful if the minimum price for a route was also displayed on the new inventory screen.

the minimum price differs for each carrier and flight based on the operational costs. displaying the minimum price everytime you look at the inventory (or any other screen where price adjustments are possible) would create a lot of additional database accesses, while it is only needed in the few occasions where you actually charge that very little.

So, I think the reason is computation.

edit: computation might not be the right word. The numbers don't have to be calculated again, but are calculated when a flight gets booked in. I don't know the correct term. Just: additonal workload for the servers due to additional database accesses.

It calculates the minimum price on the flight information screen, is there some way the inventory screen for a route can pick up on that data?

I honestly have no idea how these things work behind the scenes.

You won't get into trouble for charging below minimum on one or two flights unknowingly. Worst case scenario, you will be contacted by Staff and asked to adjust price. It would be a different matter if you consistently charged below-the-minimum on all your flights though and continued to do so even after that being brought to your attention.

I feel this is a consistent problem popping up in airline sim.

Instead of coding the rules into the game so it’s clear for everyone and not possible to exploit, complex ways to calculate what is allowed and not is allowed is causing headaces for new players and for support staff that have to spend time to enforce sometimes very unclear the you can’t be sure if you are breaking or not.

There are several areas effected like:

  • Flights within the same cities ( simply code and make it impossible to setup such flights that are not allowed?)

  • Too small seats for business and firstclass PAX cabin configurations not allowed, judged by staff on case-case basis instead of coded as a rule

  • Flights of 19 seater prop airplanes from mega airports to block slots, judged by staff on case-case basis

  • And minimum prices.