Minimum Transfer Time for Connecting Flights

Hi there,
I have been playing the game for quite some time (a few years already), and I have always used the rule of adding 1 minute to the minimum transfer time in order to guarantee the connections between my flights.

However, in the Otto gameworld, some of my connecting flights are not showing up on the ORS.
Did anything change or is it a temporarily problem of the ORS?
To figure it out I have just increased the connecting time 1 more minute, so right now I have minimum transfer time + 2 minutes to see if they start showing up on the ORS or not (kind of a troubleshooting).

PDX - MIA does not show up
PDX - PBI is availabe with the same tranfer time

SEA - MIA is available
SEA - PBI does not show up

Otto Gameworld

I don’t know everything going on under the hood, but earlier this year a new rule for connecting flights was added. I think Otto is using that new rule.

It shouldn’t cause the issue you are seeing, but it might be a bug related to it somehow.

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Have you tried checking the scheduling tab? There is a sub tab called Connections near the flight number. Easy to miss. Click that then switch between inbound/outbound to see what flights are available for connecting, including flights that exceed the minimum connection time. Take the guess work out of it.

Hopefully that will show up why some of your connecting flights aren’t appearing in the ORS.

Yeah, I also encountered this problem. I operate JFK - LIS and some Florida flights from JFK as well. What I had noticed early on is that MCO/MIA/FLL/TPA - JFK - LIS were not showing up on the ORS and internal transfer was 0. I played around with the ORS for a bit and discovered that I could only see that transfer on the ORS if I search before the first demand calculation at JFK. With the way my flights are scheduled, MCO/MIA/FLL/TPA all have demand calculation time later than JFK. So I think what had happened was that ORS took my connection off after the O/D on JFK - LIS filled that flight.

you can toggle on/off whether to include full flights in your ORS search.

That is not the problem. I have checked the Connections tab and they all show as possible green connections…

I know, but that is not the case as I always do the search including the full flights (Not selecting the “ignore full and ineligible connections”…

I already performed my personal troubleshooting of adding 1 more minute to my transfer times… Right now they have 47 minutes when my hub allows for a 45 minimum transfer time.

I don’t know but I might have found a minor bug to the game.
I honestly don’t understand why the flights don’t show up on the ORS. That has never happened to me.

This could be an interesting issue for the developers of the game to take a look at.

Otto Gameworld
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Problem: some flights are not showing on the ORS even though they respect the rules for connecting flights…

It’s strange that they only show up as ground connections from the other airport.

So a search for PDX-PBI shows PDX-ICT, ICT-PBI which is correct.

A search for PDX-MIA goes through PBI.
PBI-MIA via ground connect

Same for the SEA-PBI route in reverse. It can connect to MIA properly, but to SEA-PBI goes through a ground connect in MIA.

Adding screenshot to clarify a bit:

I’ve just done the PDX-MIA search on ORS and your connecting flights were ranked 2nd?

Maybe any changes you made are only now showing on the ORS through the 3 day delay? Either way, it looks like your pax can now connect to both MIA & PBI. I’ve just checked your schedule and I agree you have all flights outside the minimum transfer time for ICT which is 45 mins.

There is something very strange going on…
As stated by @SparkAirways, depending on the time of the day that the search is made, the results are different!
I have just performed a search on the ORS right now (night time in Europe) and it is showing the PDX-MIA (via ICT) connection.
During the day, it was NOT showing!

I’m going out on a limb here, but here’s my best theory. Remember how the new ORS would only consider one connection at a time? So if I had two LAX-ATL flights and one ATL-MAD flight, you would only see one of the LAX flight on the ORS when searching for LAX-MAD. After this LAX flight has been filled completely, it is taken down and the ORS displays the other LAX flight. I don’t know the specifics of how this algorithm was actually implemented, but I guess it has something to do with this issue we’re experiencing. As soon as one leg of the connection gets filled up, it is taken down immediately to make space for other flights, only in our cases, there were no other flights which would make up the same connection. As a result, the entire connection is not displayed on the ORS.

As previously said, it is now noon in Europe and the PDX-MIA (via ICT) connection is not showing on the ORS…
Good guess @SparkAirways, so far the best explanation I heard about it.

@martin Sorry for bringing you for the conversation, but have you guys already heard about it? This “issue” regarding the ORS?

Had a quick look at it from the surface and the most likely explanation is indeed that all the involved flights are 100% full (only looked at PDX-ICT-MIA now). But I’d have to do a more involved analysis to figure out what’s actually going on.