Minimum transfers time

When scheduling flights, Should I leave The minimum transfer time in between the arriving flight and the departing flight? For example, Flight one leaves from Salt Lake And arrives at Boise at 10:00am. Should I schedule the departure back to Salt Lake At 11:00am, Since the Minimum transfer time at Boise is one hour. Also does that apply to any flight, should I Schedule the next Departure however long The minimum transfer time is? And dose The minimum transfer time Count for other airlines at the airport? One More thing, what does transfer inpossible Mean?

You can schedule your return straight away, as your passengers will only connect to other flights and not the return flight. Be a short break if they do! Although it is worth checking if your interline partners have any incoming flights around that time, then you may want to allow sufficient time for transfer from those flights.

Transfer impossible means no pax are going to transfer to other flights at that airport.

I’ve left The minimum transfer time at each airport. The basic ones are 1:45, 45min, 1:30 and 30min, With the exception of my Hawaii flights One flight going One flight coming back daily. My airlines ZipJet in FORNEBU if you Want to take a look And see if you have any suggestions.

Like Cole372 says, the minimum transfer time is the time needed for passengers to get from one plane on arrival to a different plane on departure. You should keep your turnaround time either as short as possible, or make it at least 2 hours so that the plane can get some maintenance done. Any time less than 2 hours on the ground is time wasted.