Missing aircraft

Hi, I’ve noticed some missing aircraft types and variants from the game including:
Boeing 737-800BCF
Boeing 737-400Combi
Cessna 402 (Cape Air Operates a number of them)
ATR 72-600F (soon to introduced)
Boeing 737-700SFP (I dont know if its a short fied package but I know that Delta operates on from Key West)
Just wondering if there are any others.

Be aware that AS do not include conversions, they only include aircraft that come/came out of the factory as is…so the 737-800BCF will not be included for this reason

There is also the new A319Neo missing

i don’t think it enters service yet… that’s why it’s missing

It really is a pity.
Conversions could be included with restrictions to avoid over eager freighter airlines to destroy the market.

Limit conversions to fully owned panes only (I even thought I read something about this) and to reduce code, include it in the seating options, special seats for specific conversions. There are several conversion options in real life, sooo why not in AS. I defo need the A321 conversion. There’s nothing between the B737 and B767, apart from a Tupolev, but in real life you wouldn’t be buying Tupolevs to Fly in the US or Europe, anyway, they do not add range to the B737-700C. In a world with no used planes… i.e. no B757, B762…

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Hello everyone!

So, I decided to comment here instead of creating a new topic. I am, indeed, a huge fan of the russian planes and use them quite frequently on AS, despite sobe problems i’m going to point out here…

I saw that it was missing in the market the Tupolev 204SM (quite new with better performance) and the Tupolev 214, both still in production, as the other variants of the Tupolev family like the TU214-200/220. They’re only not being made or delivered because the real world counterpart has no orders as of now for both of them, but they’re available in case of new orders, in opposittion of the 757 (ceased production in 2004).

Also, what bothers me a LOT in AS is the performance of the TU jets. They’re the best planes in the market, speaking of profit margin and operational costs, but still their takeoff/landing perfomance seemed wrong and I’ve done some research about it.

In AS: TU-204-100/120 MTOW Runway requirement: 2.100 meters.
By wikipedia/tupolev’s website: 1.780 meters. That translates in a LOT of airports that could be operated, since this is the MAXIMUM runway requirement for those guys.

Also, why would the runway length would be higher for landing roll? The minimum runway required to land EMPTY in AS for those jets are 2.000 meters, almost the same as the takeoff roll at MTOW, which I believe that doesn’t reflect the reality, specially the 2.500 meter required with full payload when it doesn’t even need it for takeoff, when the plane is a lot heavier due to trip fuel.

One more note, in many websites (tupolev itself and others), you can find that the normal base price of those jets are around 37 million us dollars, meanwhile they’re a little bit more expensive in AS. Is there any different evaluation in this process?

Another question, why does the production times for the Tupolev are so high? Because the demand is quite inexistent in the real world?

For last, the Ilyushin IL-96 jets like the -300 and -400 are STILL in production, and Cubana even received some -400s not too long ago. Could be another option for the long range market, specially when the unit price of each jets ranges from 40 - 50 million USD.

Thank you for your kind response, in any way.

I’m not going to cover the performance questions if you don’t mind, but can likely give you responses to a few things. This is really from what’s been discussed over the years on the forums…

So in AirlineSim, the currency is AS$ or AirlineSim Dollars and therefore shouldn’t be compared to USD

There are a few requirements for aircraft types to be included in AS. Some of these include that the aircraft must physically exist and not be a paper airplane, it must be in service for a commercial airline, and one of the most important oversights people have… is that AS admin must have access to the full aircraft performance manual.

The aircraft performance manual is likely to be updated when finally operated by an airline. Boeing can say to an airline we expect the performance to be this… but that is never right. It is very common for airlines to be receiving payouts from Boeing etc. because the aircraft ordered prior to first flight, has worse performance than Boeing sold it as.

So really with the TU-204SM there are no operators, and therefore unlikely that an aircraft performance manual that can be used and is reliable exists. Same with the 214-200/220?

By the way please use caution with using Wikipedia as a reliable source…it isn’t

Hope this gave a little feedback :slight_smile:


Thank you very much, to start. It did gave a feedback about the dollars and about the TU-204SM as well.

Still, I have some questions that have not been answered.

Those are:

  • I talked about the IL-96 jets, that are still operational on some airlines such as Cubana and still in production (on demand), so could it be put into AS? If AS personnel is able to fech the TU204 docs, it will be able to fetch the IL jets as well, since it is available in some game worlds.

  • Second, I still need to claim about the performance issues of the Tupolev jets. As seen here -> https://www.aviastar-sp.ru/products_and_services/aircraft/tupolev_204_100e_100b/ <- (not wikipedia), the needed runway for takeoff in MTOW is 1780m, not 2100 as in AS records. Therefore, I know that performance problems are another subject and rather hard to debate and led to many discussions throughout the forum, but does the landing distance really can be bigger than the takeoff maximum distance at MTOW? Really? What jet need 2100m to takeoff on MTOW and 2500 meters to land when it’s lighter ?

My pleasure, glad to help.

By the looks of a quick search, the last delivered civilian IL96 was in Sep 2014…over 5 years ago, the last non-civil in Jan 2017. I would suggest that is why it’s not considered to be in production in AS.

Just to point out that a lot of the aircraft performance documents are provided by members of the AS community to AS, and not necessarily AS having a source

Okay, I give up on the new guys hahahaha.

Still, what about the performance issues? Will it be addressed? Also, why does it take 144h to produce a single aircraft from the TU204 line?

If you assume that you have reliable sources to make a change possible, write an email to support. If they will follow your suggestion, we cannot say.

One must not forget the Tecnam P2102 Traveller, which does have its own thread in the suggestions forum. Been in service since February on Cape Air routes, initially out of STL and ORD.

Just a few words on takeoff/landing:
The formula for take off performance isn’t what it should be, consequently the distances for our aircraft often is far off.
Thing is, the formula would be a rather easy fix IMO, but then all data would need to be touched again. Something I don’t see the manpower for. I can tell you it is a lot of a time consuming work.

Or offered only as used aircraft, thus limit the supply