Missing Embraer 135/140/145 on Croydon

I’ve noticed that according to the manufacturers page there should be over 330 available yet when I go in to look at the market pages there are only a few, about 20 for all types. What has happened. Same with some of the 777s. 737-700 BGW shows 50 available yet only 10 or so are shown. A320-200 light seems ok, 50 available 4 pages worth in the market pages

I experience the same for Stapleton. For example:

12 DC-8-73AF should be on auction -> it is none

4 DC-9-40F(HK) -> none

9 DC-8-62AF -> none

38 MD-81 -> 8


Looks as if you wanted to change the availability of used planes and changed the script?

:) its strange that Airbus seems to be unaffected. I’m sure there’s nothing political in that.

Airbus a320 serie same problem

Problem is reported but it might take some days until it’s gonna be fixed.