Missing key to success

I have been playing airlinesim for roughly 2 years now but I have never managed to get a solid airline I am able to continue as, I have had some successes and got AAA rating but it would often quickly go downhill.

Am I simply missing something crucial to get bookings? As that is the main issue, I can calculate if a route will be profitable, make sure its profits cover the leasing and get suitable planes for the job etc, But when it gets to the end of the day I simply do not get enough bookings to become a viable airline, I do try and alter things but it eventually becomes a failure so I liquidate and scour for a new oppurtunity.

Currently I am playing Byzantine Airways in the Meigs world, and while I have been playing very shortly I was confident in gaining bookings as a major airline recently closed and left 50% slots in Istanbul as well as 10,000s less seats offered. I tried to capitalise but I know so far from the first update of bookings they will not be enough once the 3 day delay kicks in.

If anyone could kindly offer any critiques I would greatly thank as I love this game but bookings do not love me!

I typically use Leisure+ Seating and 95% price with service profiles making up roughly 10% of the price if that information helps.

P.S Maybe the issue is I need more connections to my hub via interlining, or simply I need to actually wait for my own connections to set up but whoops.

Many thanks, Benostew

After a quick glance:

Your network doesn’t really allow for connections as most of your destinations are tonthe east

You don’t seem to employ any kind of wave structure to maximize connextions (although that probabaly woulnd’t maje much of a difference given your location

While a major competitor might have dropped out, there is still one with more than 2k departures out of IST, competing with you for the direct pax

Leisure plus in Y won’t cut it given the competition

Your choice of aircrafts isn’t really great. The E170 is uneconomical and the tupolev is too big for your airline and market situation

Also, you might want tonread this: http://community.airlinesim.aero/topic/8123-as-for-beginners-an-attempted-blog/

You might also want to use the correct part of the board for your thread. Community support is the place to be. You will also find plenty of threads by players dealing with the same problems and making the same mistakes as yourself

Thank you alot yukawa, I'll get reading that board!