Monday, December 12th 2011

So there seems to be a lot of people waiting for Venezuela - so here we go.

Airport Review with the following changes:

ICAO Code fixed/added for Ciudad Bolivar and Valencia

Position fixed for Puerto Ordaz and Santa Elena de Uarien

Slots fixed for Barquisimeto, Canaima, Ciudad Bolivar, El Vigia, Puerto Ordaz, Santa Barbara, Santo Domingo, Acarigua and La Fria

Jetways added to Barcelona, Caracas and Maracaibo

Runway length fixed at Barcelona, Canaima, Ciudad Bolivar, Cumana, El Vigia, Guiria, Maracay, Porlamar, Puerto Ordaz and Valencia

Passenger/cargo number updated for Caracas, Maracaibo, Porlamar and Acarigua

New Airport: Guasdualito (GDO) and San Fernando de Apure (SFD)

As always - these changes are not active on the server. This will come somewhen within the next weeks.

And before asking… next countries will be:

Columbia, Argentina, Brasil and Suriname

Argentina will be categorised into the 4 regions and the Buenos Aires Province

Brasilia will be catgorised into 5 regions

Whooppy! San Fernando de Apure - waiting for that!

thank you :slight_smile:

What effects do Jetways have? Better flightrating, faster tournaround?

Like privately built terminal jetways increases the comfort for the passenger and that will increase the image. Of course it seems not necessary for a public terminal, due the fact that everyone is handled there. But it’s getting more important if there are private terminal buildings and of course if there are some other airports in the ground network without.

Where can I see if the airport has jetways?

Good question … :blink:

lol, … on to-do-list, eh?

Should be on of the easier ones.


Suggestion 1: Put them on the graphics display of the airport layout on the airport page (most logic, as the terminal and runway layout is shown there, but I suppose it is more work)

Suggestion 2: Add the topic "Jetways" to the current list of Landebahn, Flughafengröße and so on.