More on Seat Configurations

As with everyone else on AS I have been trying out different seating arrangements on my planes, and have finally found one that's good for me, although it's cost me a lot to keep changing!

Anyway my problem is that I have tried a 4th configuration on one of my 737-700's that works, although the actual seating is the same as the 3rd (65-20-0). I have 4 737-700's and I can't remember if I've already changed any of the other three, and I want them all to use the 4th configuration.

How can I see which plane is using 3, and which ones are using 4? Can't find it anywhere. Don't want to change one that's already been done wasting more money.

1. Cabin Configurations

2. Fleet management - on right side you have seatsĀ  Y/C/F

Yes I know, but both my 3rd and 4th configurations have 65-20-0 seats.

The 20 business seats were upgraded to from Recliner Longhaul to Lie Flat 140 and took up the same space, so there was no change in numbers. See my problem?

ah, well then go to route management or load monitoring

select flight details => Flight ratings

you will see differences on flight scores