More Powerful Income Statement

Hi Awesome AirlineSim Team!

I would like to suggest a few improvements to the Income Statement.

At present I operate a well running little Airline out of MIA on Riem. And with just a handful of planes I am already struggling to compare / rate my planes in terms of profitability. Sure I can look at Loads and at single flight revenues and start calculating...

However it would be so cool to directly compare 2 aircrafts and see details on income and expenses. 

Maybe it could be possible to introduce this functionality as a "filtering" in the income statement. So basically filter the (direct) income and expense by single plane and then by fleet or by Continent, Country, Airport. Garnished with qualitative info (LF, MR, Connection PAX, etc.) With my limited experience in DBs I assume this should be fairly easy and not too demanding on server load.

2nd step would be to incorporate a compare function.

3rd step would be to extend this to route level comparison. Which probably is much more complicated.

4th step would be to add more qualitative information (amount of connections possible, amount of connection PAX possible, average ORS-Score of connection,etc.) much more server load.

5th step would be to present this information visually e.g. BCG Matrix Style. to really get an idea of where your money is coming from.

Hope I inspired you a little bit :)



CEO of South Beach Air - Riem

mmmh ... to be honest ... I'm not sure why I should compare two companies... No idea about the advantage of such a function.

Why are you trying to rate individual planes based off profitability? You should be able to see a general trend develop for each aircraft type you operate. Honestly I assume your airline is small, so you are still in micromanagement stage. Once you start growing a lot more, you'll just kinda know how profitable each plane type is (for me, its CR7 -> CR9 -> 736 -> 73G/W -> MD8x/90 -> 738/H). When developing routes, you can use the aircarft comparison tool to get a general baseline. Then once you add the flight, you can see if it makes money using the flight income statement. Then, you can generally assume that bigger plane = more profit. It gets more complicated if you are buying old planes (example: my MD fleet makes similar margins to my new 737-800 because even though fuel and maintenence are higher, the leasing costs are dirt cheap), but you get the general idea.

If you try to micromanage in this game, you'll drive yourself crazy and get obsessed with the game. Remember that it's a game!

Maybe a daily income statement would be more usefull like the option to see the daily income and weekly income, there's a huge brain work and excell to figer if my incomes in one day will fill my weekend closing, another option that will be a great Idea is to set the leasing payment day, like I want all my leasing's payments due to my weekend closing, not a law but possible if you want so, the diference in day of this chance would be charged as an extra to adjust, like if you 700.000 AS and you postpone the leasing payment for 3 days latter than the initial contract you will pay extra 300.000 AS that represents the days tha't you postponed.... just a thought, cause I think that in real life if the company want to pay every monday the leasing of all the fleet they make a agreement with the lessor so that can be arranged.

I think I can estimate the daily income at the beginning since I need to take care of the new airline every day. It's pretty obvious to see how much money I got. Daily income might be helpful a little bit. However, I don't really care how much daily income I have after the airline is actually started. just have enough money to pay for my employees and some cash for safety reason. weekly income is good enough because I just want to see whether there is any major profit loss.

And what you think about the change of leasing payment dates?

I don't understand the reason for me change the date for paying the leasing money. You will pay for the aircraft anyway, so why bother the date you pay for it...

If you want to pay for everything on one day, just always signing new leasing contract on one day. Personally I don't want to pay for everything on one day. However, I'm not sure how others think

If you want to pay for everything on one day, just always signing new leasing contract on one day. Personally I don't want to pay for everything on one day. However, I'm not sure how others think

I am with you... better to have costs spread out throughout the week, the same way the revenue is generated more or less evenly throughout the week. That way you do not have to have headaches for cash flow planning especially during the startup phase.

well, this request would allow to equalize leasing payments, as well. also, it allows to compensate for bad finanial planning.

however, once you are past the 30 or so aircrafts point, that will happen all by itself, anyhow.

I'm not a big Airline got 24 aircrafts but, for me for organization matter it would be a nice way so I know every monday I'll pay the leasing of all planes and the company expenses, so, the other days I can coordinate the income to investments (aircrafts shares buildings) and expenses  and how much do I have to save to pay it all, Like I've said this would be a option and if the player want he can do it or not... like every monday I'll pay the leasing of my a320  and friday I'll pay the Boeings... a way that you can manage your acounts according your interests.