Move Long-Term Gameworld to new ORS

While the new ORS opens up a more realistic demand model for the temporary worlds. We don’t have a long-term world with a realistic demand.

Why not move one of the existing older game worlds as an experiment to the new demand model to create a new challenge for existing players and give a chance for new players to make inroads to mature markets?

Hey, popcorn time again. Awaiting the nice discussions and entertaining arguments. :joy:

And if that question was meant serious, maybe a look into the history of the forum and all the hundreds of pages concerning changes on old time servers give you a brief insight into the topic. Additionally hundreds of answers to your questions are given there.

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There is a long-term world with a slightly more realistic demand: Riem.

The history of the forum and the lamenting of few (and always the same) players should not mean that the game should not evolve anymore. Old game worlds do need an update to newer features, as long as they are possible to implement technically. The new ORS (from what I’ve heard of…) seems to be a promising feature.

But I know it won’t happen soon.

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Perhaps mine are naive questions, but…
This begs more than one question.

  • What does a “realistic demand” look like?
  • Or is it “relatively” realistic?
  • Would demands that match real world numbers create problems for these worlds?

I can only imagine that “realistic demand” would be very difficult to structure, especially over a long time period - historical or not.

I might have worded my question wrong and I do apologize. I was referring to the new demand model on the temporary worlds and wondering about rolling that new demand model to one of the long-term servers that have been running for years.

In my opinion it was the right thing to initially only deploy the new ORS to temporary worlds, because that allows for easy adjustment of parameters should an imbalance be discovered.

But now, after it’s been tested for a longer period of time, I feel like it could be deployed to a long-term world aswell. I am certainly missing it, because on the one hand I would love to play on a world with the new ORS (because from what I’ve heard it just fixes a lot of issues with unrealistic seating configurations), but on the other hand I don’t want to waste my time in a temporary world.

This might be the case if the new ors was running for a longer time to check. But be aware that this would cause huge work for everybody on an old server as you would have to adjust all routes with new service profile (not too bad) and new seating confiurations (very bad as it will be a lot of work).
I assume that this will never happen. But for every new world in the future, it could be implemented.

As far as I understand implementing the new ORS onto an old world would lead to a massive oversaturation of the market because seating configs would be adjusted to denser configs.

Transferring old game words to the new ORS would brutalize every major airline that run low-density, high-price configurations. I don’t want to get into further specifics (as other people have gotten in previous threads) but I can assure you that it wouldn’t be good for the players nor the AirlineSim team.

I’m sure a long term server with the new ORS will come in this year or next. Patience is the name of the game!

You can also join one of many private long term game worlds where some run new ORS.

That’s a bit depending on what one thinks is good and what one thinks is bad.
It would definitely add some dynamics. I run a major airline (although not with the lowest density setting) and I’d welcome the change to finally get rid of those ridiculous cabin configurations.

Any news here on whether there will be a long term game world with the new ORS?
While I do get the idea of moving to a private game, as a student that isn’t a viable option for me (unfortunately). So I’d highly appreciate it if there was a new, regular world available

As of now, there are no plans for a new long-term game world yet.
The next game world launch will be Quimby X at the end of this month.