multiple servers unreachable?

Various servers unreachable.

UNREACHABLE: nicosia / idlewild / aspern / quimby / gatow / stapleton / croydon

Status: Connecting...without reply. (after long time: 502 Proxy Error)

SERVERS OK: fornebu / pearls / tempelhof / devau / kaitak / meigs

Can you pls check them?

Found a temporary solution

Even for me, the workaround isn’t working.

Even for me, the workaround isn't working.

 Yeah it was working earlier... but just stopped :L

just trying to get some help .....for the moment thank you for your patience

Yup, the night from Saturday to Sunday of course. And of course something I haven't seen before (one part of the app simply stopping to deliver pages while everything else works just fine).

Restarted the affected game worlds, there should be no noteworthy backlog since the worlds were actually running the whole time.

pearls is affected too

also meigs

Nicosia - Not even the temporary solution is working anymore.