Hi Midas,

you have done your homework well and I have read it with much interest.

It is hidden well, but every server or game world has it’s own forum. That is the place where you can offer/ask for aircraft.

You will find these forums if you go to the root of the forum structure and scroll down.


Doesn’t pose a realproblem to me. Price and age are related, so I scroll down to the age range that I am looking for and then check the locations. A pop up label with the name of the airport would however be a nice improvement.

As far as the technical condition of the planes is concerned… it would perhaps be simpler to automatically reset the condition to 95 or so when a plane is leased or sold.


I fully agree with you. It is indeed one of the best tools of the game.

[/font]Are you sure there is a discrepancy between Performance Check and the Aircraft Type Evaluation ? I thought the former gave technical information (fuel consumption in liters) and the latter calculated the price of the fuel you need, but I never made the calculation myself.

Maintenance becomes more expensive as a plane gets older. Showing an average would make things easier but less accurate. I would be happy with both solutions.

The system currently tells how many flights a plane can perform. The leasing cost per flight is then based on the number of flights that can be done in a week. That too is an average. In reality the leasing cost will be lower if you manage to add a shorter flight to the flight schedule, or you may be able to carry out more flights with a more efficient maintenance contractor. I don’t know how this can be improved without putting extra load on the server.[font="Calibri"]

What I would like, is the option to calculate the price per passenger with the leasing cost included, or without the leasing cost. Now I manually calculate how much a flight would cost me if I buy the plane (and don’t have to pay a weekly lease).


I have no idea how accurate this is, but I guess also countries with a fast growing economy like India, Brazil and Indonesia have more demand in reality.

In the real world airlines like RyanAir can turn a sleepy regional airport into an international airport in a matter of years. This is another thing the game does not reflect: adding flights and routes increases the number of passengers an airport attracts.

In the real world, cheap prices also "create" passengers. People go for the weekend to Madrid, only because they can buy a cheap ticket. But hey, I don’t know how you could include all this without using two computers for each game world. So to speak :wink:

If there is no competition, our virtual passengers will pay through the nose for our virtual flights. If we get in touch with all our competitors, and agree on a common price policy, we could all raise our prices and still sell tickets. At least in theory. If African routes are cheaper in the game (cheaper than in reality) it is probably because too many airlines fly in and to Africa.

In the game, you have the choice between starting an airline in the EU or in Africa. So even though the game is not perfect, you know there will be more passengers in North America than in Africa.


It’s not only a matter of "how many passengers use this airport in real life". It is also a matter of "where do they fly to". And I find the game pretty good. Planes between Cairo and other Arab countries get uch more passengers than planes between Cairo and Greece, for example.