Munich 2014: Program

The AirlineSim Convention will take place on 13th September 2014 at Munich Airport.

Highlights of this year's convention will certainly be the visit to the local LSG catering facilities as well as the "airline style" lunch afterwards.

All the details, including the detailed program, driving instructions, hotel recommendations etc. can be found on our special event page:

We are looking forward to meeting you in Munich!

HI - main language will be?

Main language, due to the location, will be German. But as usual, any slides during the convention part will be kept in English and most people at the event are able to talk English. I myself will be happy to answer questions in English as well.

The convention is over and just like last year we've captured the main feature presentation on video:

Since this is in German and therefore more than 50% of our players would be unable to understand a word I said there, I prepared another recording this morning in English. This was recorded in my office and apparently I was a bit tired, but content-wise it's more or less the same ;)

Thanks a lot for sharing the videos, it provided great insight once again! Many thanks!

Thanks for making the English video available and for all your hard work on AS.  The new UI and features look great!