My hoover experience

I have been playing in hoover sice 5 months. I am running a profitable airline with 44 planes but God it has been uphill battle past months. Just few weeks back as profits started increasing at good pace, AGEX came down. Had to adjust schedules and slow the expansion. Usually within 3 months I create 100+ aircraft airline but not in hoover. I miss stock market. I used markets page alot when in meigs and ellinikon but never thought I would miss this feature so much.
Everything is not bad about hoover. I really like that some larger markets have been closed for open investment . In hoover you wouldn’t see large US or China based airlines dominating the server. Yes there is competition in available open markets but it is good to have markets like Columbia , Qatar , Pakistan, Argentina , Ukraine etc all for yourself for a startup . I think this should be done in other servers as well.
Just my few cents.