Naming of Servers

Thanks for your info Tim.

Just outta curiosity, how do you pick the server names?

I see Kai Tak as the old Hong Kong Airport.

But others…

Devau probably the airport in Kaliningrad?

Fornebu the airport in Oslo?

Nicosia the Cypriot capital and Croydon the town in London?

Tempelhof being the Berlin airport?

Those are just my guesses…hope you could clarify for me :lol:

Yes, we choose our server names as a reference to closed airports.

These are all names of important but now defunct airports ;)

All of these are names of airports no longer in use:

Kaitak: As you mentioned, the former Hong Kong International airport

Croydon: Former airport in London

Devau: Probably after the Kaliningrad airport

Fornebu: Former airport for Oslo

Nicosia: Airport on Cyprus, still exists but not in operation due to its location and the ongoing troubles.

Idlewild: The name of the New York airport currently known as John F. Kennedy Airport

Tempelhof: Name of one of the Berlin airports, closed a few years ago.

Mea maxima culpa, I messed up idlewild :wink:

Well, Idlewild is in fact “closed”. It’s a bit like Schönefeld and the then new Berlin Brandenburg Airport: They are somewhat in the same spot, but not the same ;)


The new Berlin-Airport (Coder: BER) will get the name of the old Bundeskanzler Willy Brandt. :)

But for the game, will be the other Airports closed in Berlin or Berlin have in the future 3(4) airports?



If we follow our current rules, the old airports won’t be closed and the new one will be added.

Although demand might be adjusted…we’ll cross that bridge when we get there :)