Nancybirdwalton Shutdown (Restart)

Hi everyone,

As the players of the server “Nancybirdwalton” might have realized the discord server has been shutdown by the owner and everyone should have been refunded.

However, if possible (when Airlinessim’s support replies to my email) I would like to restart the server as 3,5 months of work would be gone and I expect that we had enough players to continue.

Therefore I would like to reach out to all the current players and possibly new players to join a newly created discord server to discuss this matter.

Discord: Nancybirdwalton Restart


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• Used aircraft: Yes, But it’s forbidden to lease aircrafts that are older than 10 years ( to prevent to growth difference between airlines and slot blocking )

• Global demand for passengers and cargo: 70% at start, will be increased over time.
• Wide bodies distance limitation: No;
• Maximum of 60 flights a day between two airports by a holding (max. 48 pax + 12 cargo or max. 48 cargo + 12 pax)
• IPO: No
• Real airline name and logos allowed: Yes, fictional as well.
• Open Investment countries: Yes – A player can fly between SYD - SIN - LHR as long the stopover ( SIN ) is not a exclusive ( first ) hub chose.
• A passenger holding can have a cargo subsidiary and vice versa.
• IL between own holdings is allowed.
• Players are not allowed to lease planes from one of their holdings to another of their holdings. They are, however, allowed to lease planes within the same holding or to other players.
• UK is not part of the EU treaty.
• Payment is per quarter and is based on the price for the server divided by the number of players.

at the Moment we are 14 Players

We look for new Players some nice Spots are free.

New players are welcome