Negative Profit Margin Help

I’m on the Domination server and my airline is Asialux Holdings (I restarted so my map on ASRouteMap is the second selection with flights to PEK, XIY, PVG, and CTU all from CAN). I just started last week and am having trouble turning a profit.

  • I fly Embraer 195 E2 with 76Y6C configuration on all of my planes.
  • My cost per passenger for my service profiles for all flights is 15.60 for Y and 46.35 for C.
  • I show up pretty high on the ORS (usually position 1), but with nearly full capacity I still lose money.
    Any idea on how I can increase profits? I’ll attach an SS with on of my flights that is nearly fully booked.

Any help is appreciated, thanks!

It’s a bit hard to say just from this screenshot.
But a few things I’ve noticed are:

  • Only 76Y6C seats in what I believe is a Comfort Plus/ Lie Flat 140 configuration
  • Very Premium Seats for only 1310km flight distance. Probably could change to less premium seats without real consequences to rating.
  • If you keep Premium seats and are fully booked try increasing the ticket prices
  • Try using your plane for more flights. Try to be close to a 100% maintenance ratio
  • You can tweak your Service profiles. For this distance, you can get the price down to 11.25 Y and 44.65 C without losing 5bar rating

MPI is right on point.

You are charging way too little for those seats. And you are also using your plane way too little. I also use the E195E2 on similar routes and I pay less than a third of what you pay in leasing/depreciation, mine are leased from AS brand new. If you operate old cheap planes you can afford to not utilise them fully. But with expensive planes you need to be as close to 100% maintenance ratio to maximise profits.

Also, add more premium cabin. Business and First class are much more profitable than economy. Always try to have the maximum amount of premium seats that you can fill. On a route like this you can even add a couple first class seats.

Ones you have raised prices, added more utilisation to the plane and expanded the premium offering then you can also take a look at cost cutting. You can save on catering, handling and salaries.

If you are new at this game you might want to start in a smaller market without competition to learn the game better. When China will get crowded. There might be massive carriers eating you alive.